Starseed Reading with Solreta

Duration: 1 hour

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The Starseed Reading includes an emailed photo of your personalized aura drawing.

Starseed Origins & Mission Psychic Reading with Solreta

Are you a Starseed? Starseeds are often individuals who feel a deep sense of soul connection to other planets, far off-worlds, galaxies & other multi-dimensional realities. In this psychic reading, Solreta will explore your Starseed origins and uncover the unique qualities & gifts that you bring to the world.                                                 

1- Starseed Aura Assessment & Drawing
Through using her clairvoyant gifts & mystical insights, Solreta will assess your energy of Starseed activation & look into your primary star system of origin. This can provide valuable information about your spiritual mission on Earth and the cosmic energies that influence your journey.

2- Galactic Heritage
Using your Starseed Aura assessment, Solreta will explore your galactic heritage and the unique qualities that you bring from your star system of origin. We may uncover gifts such as telepathy, healing abilities, or advanced knowledge of technology and science.

3- Earth Mission & Future
Starseeds often feel a deep home sickness for the stars, whilst also feeling like they have a soul mission here on Earth. In this section of the reading Solreta will explore your unique mission and how it aligns with your Starseed origins. She may look at past life experiences and current challenges to gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey and how you can best serve humanity.

4- Activation and Integration
Once we have explored your Starseed origins & Earth mission, Solreta will provide guidance on how to activate and integrate your unique gifts and qualities. This may include meditation practices, energy work, or lifestyle adjustments that help you align with your cosmic purpose, and sometimes will include specific Light Language Activations from Solreta.

The Starseed Reading with Solreta is a powerful experience & activation for individuals who feel a deep sense of connection to the cosmos. By uncovering your Starseed origins and exploring your unique gifts & mission on Earth, you can align with your true soul purpose and make a positive impact on the world.

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