Personalized Birth Chart

Digital product - Your personalized birth chart will be sent to you in a pdf format, ready to be printed out!

Order your personalized birth chart now! It contains the exact position of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the very moment of your birth, and thus their influences on the unique person that you are. A fascinating starting point towards a better knowledge of oneself, a unique gift to give to yourself or to a special person! 

A short personalized explanatory booklet will be added to your order. It contains a summary of the most important planets in your chart and their placement.

Production time is about 1-2 weeks (every chart is custom-made and unique!)

Image size: 8 "x 10" (standard format for framing)

The more precise time of birth, the better - in order to guarantee the right placement of your planets and houses (especially the moon and ascendant which are fast moving objects)

Forest Green
Aqua Blue
Royal Blue
Blue Gray
Orange Gold

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