Beyond Mystic Earth Candle

The exclusive Beyond Mystic Element Candle Collection is now available for a limited time and a limited quantity. The four elements come together in high quality gold containers, with large Full-Moon activated crystals to help manifest your desired intentions.

The Beyond Mystic Earth Candle helps feeling grounded, healthy, strong, embodied, and helps manifest more material abundance, by feeling connected to Mother Earth.

Black Obsidian helps protecting your aura from low frequencies and energetic attacks, and has a peaceful grounding influence. It helps balance all aspects of life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, while also clearing unwanted energies and blockages in your energetic field. It is also a great crystal for power and inner confidence.

This Patchouli fragrance offers a warm and earthy ambiance to any room.

All YE candles are handmade with 100% natural soy wax, natural & essential oils, and a crackling wood wick for a clean and non-toxic cozy ambiance at home.

963g / 80 hours

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